What the world does not see…

Each day as it comes, I say a little prayer… “Grant me the strength” is the core of it all. Not because I feel I lack, but because you can never have enough of.
The battle continues daily, not just what I can see or know, but more of what the world doesn’t see or know. It’s that dirty little secret, you wear on your sleeve, praying that when you wipe your nose, it doesn’t smear all over your face. I keep it tucked away into the hem of the sleeve, but every now and again, when I forget I pull my sleeves up and forget that it remains exposed… then the questions starts, why? how? and when?
Answers I might not even have answers to, or that I, myself have been trying to find answers to.
It does that to you, you loose all sense of direction.

It is then not only the world, that does not see, but you get blinded as well.

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missing love

How can I miss some1 I neva got 2 knw. I often fond myself wondering hw our relationship would be, and wat u wud tell me and hw different things would be, is it really possible 2 transfer sum1 elses memories into ur own. My dear love I knw and feel jst hw much I would hve loved her and jst hw much she’s missed. But more than anything I knw just how much u miss her coz I truely feel da same, I dnt knw hw but I do. I thank her 4 giving me you! And 4 da exceptional work she did raising you. I pray only 2 God that Samu grows up 2 be da man u are and that he poccess the spirit and love of his grandmother in him. Love you guys.

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Hello world!

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